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As the content syndication division of Glacier FarmMedia, Canada’s largest agricultural publisher, we have a wide range of information on agricultural news, markets, weather, farm equipment classifieds, and general agricultural classifieds. Glacier FarmMedia represents several trusted agricultural brands including:

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Is your business connected to the farmer?

Glacier FarmMedia Syndication provides content solutions to help business’s engage farmers.

Connecting your business to the farmer

Over the past few years, the adaptation of technology such as computers, smart phones and tablets among Canadian farmers, has changed how they are accessing content to help them make important management decisions. The most recent Agricultural Communications Review by Ipsos Reid, identifies some interesting trends among Canadian farmers while on the internet and their smartphones.

Among The Most Searched Topics by Farmers on the Internet

(Source 2012 Agricultural Communications Review Ipsos Reid)

  • Search for Farm Machinery
  • Accessing Weather Information
  • Checking or Accessing Grain Futures Prices
  • Accessing Agricultural Farm Related News

Among the Most Used Smartphone Apps

(Source 2012 Agricultural Communications Review Ipsos Reid)

  • Weather
  • Crop Commodity prices
  • Agricultural Farm Related News
  • Livestock Commodity Prices

It is not surprising to see that the content Canadian farmer are searching for while on the internet, and the apps they are using while on their smartphones, actually plays a key role in the decision making for their farm business’s.

Glacier FarmMedia Syndication

It’s one thing to have a digital media presence. It’s another to have a digital media presence that your customers visit and visit regularly. Keeping your digital media space fresh with regularly updated content is a challenge as is making it easily accessible with the wide range of tools farmers use today –computers, smartphones and tablets.

Glacier FarmMedia can provide your company with the tools to help drive traffic to your digital space. As Canada's largest agricultural publisher, we have a wide range of information on agricultural news, markets, weather, farm equipment classifieds and general agricultural classifieds. Glacier FarmMedia Syndication services can be delivered seamlessly into several mediums, including websites, mobile apps, video feeds, social media feeds, and radio feeds. By providing Agri-Business/Associations with the latest agricultural information, it will ensure farm customers and important industry influencers are visiting your digital media channels on a regular basis.

  1. Ag News
  2. Markets
  3. Market News
  4. Weather
  5. Ag Equipment Classifieds (Coming Soon)
  6. General Ag Classifieds (Coming Soon)

Ag News

As Canada’s largest network of trusted agricultural brands, Glacier FarmMedia Syndication creates and curates more agricultural content than any other service provider within the Canadian agricultural supply chain. We can customize the type of syndicated content that your business is interested in, based on general key words such as “Canola” or “Combines”. We also have general agricultural topic categories including:

  • Crops
  • Livestock
  • Markets
  • Weather
  • Machinery

Markets / Market News

As Canada's leading source for agricultural commodity market news, CNS Canada specializes in up to date analysis of grains, oilseeds, pulses & livestock markets. CNS Canada is a key source of Canadian agricultural commodity market news on an international basis.

  • Daily closing market report from CNS Canada.
  • Interactive widget consisting of 20 minute delayed commodity quotes and futures contracts for canola, wheat, soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, corn, spring wheat, KCBT wheat, lean hogs, Canadian dollar, Western barley, oats, live cattle, feeder cattle.


  • Weather is supplied by WeatherFarm which is a growing dedicated network of more than 1100 professionally maintained monitoring stations across Canada, dedicated to the Canadian farming community. Most are owned by farmers with current conditions updated throughout the day. WeatherFarm gives you a full set of accurate weather monitoring tools that show you detailed forecasts, current conditions, and historical comparisons.
  • WIN Weather Innovations Consulting LP produces integrated solutions in agro-meteorology, mathematical modelling, database management and internet-based program delivery. They specialize in weather-based modelling, climate & environmental monitoring and online agronomic solutions for agriculture. WIN LP develops web-based informational and decision support tools that improve the sustainability, consistency and profitability of agricultural production.

Additional Services

We also provide services such as:

  • New, mobile-friendly website design and hosting
  • Social Media Consultation
  • Content Specific E-Newletter Services
  • Custom mobile apps development
  • Custom widgets development
  • Professional Video production
  • Point of sale video monitor integration

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